Teaming with Dealerships to Create Strategy & Score Sales

“Teaming with Your Dealership to Create Strategy and Score Sales Touchdowns!”

On the Football field, the role of the Quarterback, is to strategically connect with the rest of the team to score touchdowns. The mission of Dealer Quarterback Automotive Consulting and Training is to connect with dealership management, creating strategy for more efficient functionality in the departments that have an impact on the sale of vehicles — Training the Dealership to Score More Touchdowns, and earn more vehicle sales.

Dealer Quarterback seeks to change the consumer’s perception of “Sleazy Car Salespeople” to a reality of “Professionally Trained Customer Advocates”.  We want to help car dealerships train their representatives – in all departments – to face consumers, work the  telephones, and respond to e-mail requests professionally, making a positive impact on the customer to earn their business.  Working together with Dealership Management, we get the processes in place to smoothly transition the customer from the online experience to the showroom experience. Your BDC/Internet has been building a relationship of trust over a timeframe lasting from a few days to a few months — your current showroom process can wipe out the trust that was built within a few short moments. We help you make the changes needed to maintain your positive, customer-friendly reputation.

Dani Zandel

Consultant/Trainer - CEO/President

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