Ring, Ring…

What happens when the telephone rings in your car dealership? Who is answering? How long does it take to connect to a human? What happens when a caller is connected to a voicemail?

“You Have Mail…”

A NEW Internet lead is received:

  • Is your prospect-at-home getting a response within 5 minutes? Is it personalized? Does it answer their questions?
  • Do your Internet Salespersons or BDC make telephone calls,  leaving messages AND send text messages?
  • Have your Internet Salespersons included a personal introduction video or a vehicle walk-around video in their e-mails?
  • Are you transparent? Does the e-mail stand out from the other five or more dealerships your prospect has contacted?

Are you losing sales BEFORE you touch your prospects? Do you have BDC representatives actually following up with prospects beyond 72 hours from the original lead receipt? And not just because it is a Saturday at the end of the month?
(Or has your management team turned a cheek to the sad realities?)

We can help your dealership solve these issues and train your staff on tactics to sell more cars and service ROs by cultivating precious repeat and referral business to accomplish high ROI and more gross.

Welcome to DealerQuarterback Automotive Dealership Training!

“Teaming with Your Dealership to Create Strategy and Score Sales Touchdowns!”