Welcoming Guest Blogger David Cribbs to Dealer Quarterback’s Blog site with his article, “Part Time Jobs That Work For Salespeople”.

Salespeople, this is a quick and VERY informative read for how to add money to your pockets each month.

Managers, we STRONGLY urge you to print David’s article (original found here) and hang it in your Sales Office, discuss it in a weekly meeting every now and then, and simply remind your team that a few moments shifted from standing on the point, to a more productive action, each day, can be the difference between that steak dinner at the end of the month, or Ramen noodles. Without further ado, David Cribbs:


Let’s face it, not everyone can be a superstar on the car lot.  The reality is that 80% of our sales team still produce just 20% of the results. This means that most of our salespeople are struggling financially or just making a living. Often times, salespeople will look to add additional income outside of the dealership in order to lighten the financial load. Some will look for part time jobs, but with the hours that we keep at the dealership it is very challenging to pull this off. Keeping in theme with the name of this magazine, Dealer Solutions, I have focused my attention on this problem and just may have the solution for both the dealer and the salesperson.I have taken the liberty to research some part time job openings that salespeople can take on that will not conflict with the current sales position that they hold.  Below you will find a list of jobs with approximate hours and income that you may consider as a solution.  My only disclaimer is that salespeople who are reading this article may want to seek management approval before committing to these jobs.

1. Walking the Lot: This requires approximately 15 minutes a day and will typically add 2-3 deals per month to any salesperson’s total.  Average pay $500-$700 per month

2. Visiting Service Dept.: This requires approximately 15 minutes a day and will typically add 1-2 deals per month.  Average pay $175-$500 per month

3. Video Messaging: This requires approximately 30 minutes a day and will typically add 3-4 deals per month.  Average pay $700-$1000

4. Social Media: This requires approximately 30 minutes to an hour a day and will typically add 1-3 deals per month.  Average pay $175-$700 per month

These are just a few examples of current openings and when I checked into these jobs I was told that there was a huge demand and any salesperson that applies would be accepted.  I have attached the link below to apply for these positions.     (This is a fictitious link!)

Dani aka The Dealer Quarterback

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