“Teaming with Your Dealership to Create Strategy and Score Sales Touchdowns!”

Your Sales Team is skilled. They use their phone scripts, send video e-mails, and provide excellent customer service to the people who contact the dealership because you’re paying for ads in the phone book, on the radio, television, and Internet. Your team does well, and may even hold some gross with these fresh ups you are paying advertising companies to attract. But what about those people who have ALREADY EXPERIENCED your dealership?

What about the customers who already bought a car from you, or have had their cars in your service department? These people have already shopped in your store, and they felt you provided enough value, at least once, to make a purchase….but are you staying in touch?

Are you continuing to BUILD THE RELATIONSHIP…or are these people, people who you have already paid to get in your doors, falling through the follow-up cracks in your processes? Do your customers feel as if you are only reaching out to make a sale, or do they believe they can count on your dealership like a member of their family?

In addition to working with car dealerships to ensure the right processes are in place, we at DealerQB work with a tool called Send Out Cards.

Send Out Cards provides a unique opportunity to stand out in your customer’s perspective, go above and beyond the typical car dealership follow-up, and keep your dealership Top-of-Mind with your sold customers (and even some unsold) prospects!

Working with Send Out Cards, DealerQuarterback has devised “a trick” for car dealerships to use this product while

 EARNING* a net profit!  

DealerQB can show you how to send greeting card campaigns & stand out to your customers, 3-6 times a year, at NO DEALERSHIP COST!

You can even send your customers Thank You Gifts which will BLOW THEM AWAY, like Chewy Cookies and Decadent Brownies!

Talk about LOW-COST and HIGH ROI!

Imagine, using a marketing tool that sends you (your dealership) a monthly check*, instead of having another advertising company on your Accounts Payable sheets! Now imagine that every card sent to your customer builds the relationship, yet includes your custom, back-of-card dealership logo or image.

Let DealerQuarterback show you how to install this program in your dealership; Watch as you close more repeat and referral business, as your CSI scores validate the great service you provide, and as you cut expenses on your Internet leads or other advertising sources and hold higher gross on your car deals as your customers buy your value instead of shopping your prices!*

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